3D-print your next meal with Foodini

By Nick Mediati (@dtnick) · Published April 17, 2014 at 1:22am.

3D printing is a popular topic in the DIY community, but most discussion on the topic centers around 3D printers that build things out of heated plastic. How about something more edible? Say hello to the Foodini.

The Foodini from Natural Machines is a 3D printer that’s currently a Kickstarter project, and it lets you scan objects, then 3D-print them using edible ingredients.

Here’s how it works: Fill one of the included capsules with the food of your choice (melted chocolate, for example, or cookie dough), choose a design you want to print, then make the machine go. The Foodini comes with a touchscreen on the front that you can use to browse recipes for use with your Foodini, so you don’t necessarily need to have a computer in your kitchen. So in that sense, the Foodini is more like an appliance along the lines of a toaster over than a peripheral for your computer.\

Of course, that is assuming the Foodini goes into production. With eight days to go, the Foodini is still about $28,000 short of its $100,000 fundraising goal.

The Foodini won’t be cheap—at least not at first. It’s expected to cost around $1300 according to its makers, but a pledge of $999 gets you a limited “early bird” preorder. If that price makes you cringe a little, you’d probably be better off trying to replicate some of the Foodini’s magic manually using a pastry bag.

Considering the price and the “non-essential” nature of the Foodini, I’m not sure how popular it’ll be initially. Still, it’s a neat concept, and I’m looking forward to see how this tech develops over the coming years.