Linkage: The way these images were made will shock you

By Nick Mediati (@dtnick) · Published March 21, 2014 at 7:30am.

The folks at Upworthy would be proud of that headline, wouldn’t they? At any rate, here are some quick items that you should check out.

High-voltage zaps result in some shockingly good artwork (Kickstarter)

Brooklyn-based photographer Phillip David Stearns is apparently not one to shy away from trying new things. One of his recent projects includes zapping instant color film with 15,000 volts electricity—and the results are stunning. Phillip wants to take the project a step further, though, so he launched a Kickstarter project in the hopes of raising enough funds to continue his experimentation. He initially set out to raise $5,000, but he’s raised well over $33,000 with five days to go as of this writing. If you want a print of one of his works, you still have time, so head on over to his Kickstarter page and give it a look. [via Laughing Squid]

Toy submarine, 1; cigarette butt, 0 (Vimeo)

D’aww! The crew at UK-based video postproduction outfit Rushes produced this fun little short that shows a tiny toy submarine surfacing from a puddle and launching a missile toward a cigarette butt. Calling this a “DIY” project might be pushing it since it comes from a professional firm, but maybe it’ll serve as inspiration for your next video project. Check out the other Tiny Worlds videos on Vimeo. [via Sploid]

Tiny Worlds // Submarine from Rushes on Vimeo.

Doctor Who-themed Lego bookends might be the most practical Lego creation we’ve seen (Flickr)

Adam Dodge (again, that’s Dodge with two D’s, not “Doge”) has some impressive Lego creations to his credit, but his Lego bookends inspired by the BBC TV series Doctor Who are not only good to look at, they’re a Lego creation that’s actually useful. When was the last time you could say that about a Lego creation of yours? That’s what I thought. [via a href=“”>The Brothers Brick]

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